December 29, 2017

Tip to Taste



Looking to try some delicious BBQ? You can, by participating as a judge in our Tip-2-Taste competition. Sample as many participanting booths as you like and leave a tip at each booth. The team with the most tips is our winner!

Backyard Boogie Contestants, help your friends!

1 There are two levels: Corporate and Individual

2 Grill or smoke ANY meat of your choice (this includes seafood to make it fun).

3 Have your friends put donations into a jar to sample your masterful skills.

4 The Corporate and Individual bunch that garners the most donations wins the Tip-2-Taste for that level.

5 Stop by your friends’ group or business and make a donation to sample their cuisine.

6 Stop by a stranger’s group that smells the best.

7 Make small donations at every location.

8 Get your buddies to do the same thing.

Visit the Map for information on Tip-2-Taste team locations!