December 29, 2017

Hammond BBQ Beneficiaries

For the past 17 years, as the Hammond Smokin’ BBQ Challenge flourished. It has succeeded in raising approximately $400,000 for well-deserving Tangipahoa non-profit organizations. Initiatives with a goal of supporting children and the environment thrive because of the generosity of festival patrons and the downtown community. Causes that share resources, strive to improve, and create collaborative programs are a main priority. These beneficiaries in turn recruit volunteers and provide expertise so the celebration runs smoothly. Beneficiaries and visitors come together the fourth weekend of March to work together, become friends and continue to support one another well after the festival has ended.

There will be multiple non-profit organizations benefiting from the work of the Hammond Smokin’ BBQ Challenge. Careful consideration is made to ensure all of these groups achieve their goals and meet specific needs in their communities.

Hammond BBQ has donated to many of our local non-profit organizations located through the Tangipahoa Parish areas.