December 30, 2017


  1. Applications are accepted on a space-available basis. Submission of an application does not guarantee booth space.
  2. Spaces are assigned on a random basis.
  3. The Smokin Hammond BBQ Committee cannot guarantee that other vendors will not
    duplicate your type of craft or items. Please inquire should you have concerns.
  4. Provide a clear and accurate description of your products on the first page of this
    application, in the blank area below, or include an additional page if necessary.
  5. Due to the magnitude of the Smokin Hammond BBQ Challenge, it is impossible to
    schedule a rain date or indoor alternative site. Therefore, the Festival will run on the
    scheduled dates regardless of weather.
  6. Set up for vendors opens at noon on Friday, March 25, and ends at 4:00pm. If you
    cannot make it during the set up time, please notify Amber Narro at (985) 320-5500 so that you may make arrangements.
  7. Each vendor must provide his/her own display, tables, and chairs. Canopies are not
    required but are recommended.
  8. All tents must be properly secured at all times. Please follow your tents manufactures
    recommendations for anchoring your tents.
  9. The Smokin Hammond BBQ Challenge is an outdoor competition in parking lots which
    may be sloped or uneven.
  10. A reminder, that all vendors must be ready and open for business at 4:00pm on Friday,
    March 25, and 9:00 am on Saturday, March 26, 2020. Event hours are 4-10 pm on Friday, and 9am -4pm on Saturday. Vendors will not be allowed to take down prior to close of event on Saturday.
  11. Do not exceed the space that you have rented even if the space next to you is empty. Spaces are 10’x10’. You may rent as many spaces as you will need to display your wares.
  12. Vendors must keep the area around their space(s) clean and free of trash.
  13. Vendors are required to set up during the times specified on the application. Security will
    be provided for Friday night.
  14. All vendors must continue to occupy their assigned space(s) until close of the Festival at
    4 p.m. on Saturday or they will be banned from participating in the following year’s
    festival. In the event of bad weather, organizers will take special consideration.
  15. All vendors must clean up the area around their booth space(s) before they leave at the
    end of the day.
  16. The need for water or electricity must be communicated and approved in advance.
  17. No generators will be permitted – unless given special permission from the Hammond
    BBQ Inc committee
  18. The Smokin Hammond BBQ Challenge reserves the right to remove any vendor from
    the Festival if it feels the vendor is in violation of the rules and regulations or the spirit of the Festival. BOOTH FEES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IF THE VENDOR IS CONSIDERED TO BE IN VIOLATION OF THE RULES. Please ask prior to the event if you have concerns.
  19. The Hammond Smokin’ BBQ Challenge is not responsible for damage or theft of equipment, products or goods. Security will be provided overnight, but we are not responsible in the event of loss, financially or through products.